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As a child, my mother allowed me to paint and draw on the walls of a spare room to my heart’s content. My parents would whitewash each exploration of art so I would always have a fresh canvas and no attachment to my previous discoveries. At the age of 12 my father taught me how to oil paint. At 15, I was offered a scholarship to attend the Pennsylvania’s Governors School of Arts for painting. During this six week program, I became a Pottery student and returned home to work with world renowned potter Jack Troy at Juniata College. Soon after, I began to attend classes at Juniata and apprentice for Jack Troy.

I continued my education at Boise State University earning a B.F.A with an emphasis in Painting and Pottery and a K-12 certified teaching degree. I then opened the “Garage Gallery,” my small art business.

For me, art comes from an ephemeral experience, such as sitting on a rock getting ready to begin a rock climb. I notice the wind feather in the grasses below and my next painting unfolds before me. Creating is my way of communicating through color, texture, line, and form. Idaho rivers and landforms carry a story and significant value to me. As an artist of the western landscape, I remember the forms of earth I visit and paint them as they resonate in my memory. The draining of snowmelt in the foothills, the way it carves the land on its way to the river, and the cultivatation of the farmland inspires my work. The colors at the close of each day define my palette.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Woodriver Cellars

Wood river cellars is having a grand opening and has invited me to show some of my work next week. I am not sure what I will show, the manager is coming over to choose from my work monday. I have some "vintage" suzanne as well as a few new, so we shall see! There will be music from 6:30 - 8:30pm ...FUN!

Friday March 6th 6:30 -8:30pm

Woodriver Cellars
3705 North HWY 16
Eagle, Idaho

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Artisan Gallery- Opening Reception Feb. 13, 2009 6-9pm

Human Anatomy in Landscape
Artist Statement for "Erotica" show at The Artisan Gallery

Suzanne Lee chetwood
I have always admired the female figure. The curvilinear shapes and volume under skin is akin to my natural style in markings of line and brush. Human forms, contours, and lines inform my landscape paintings. The figures became a subconscious focal point in my work. The landforms I paint have an intention and breath of their own. However, I keep finding figures in the landscape and have addressed that calling.
At first I wanted to make clear the connection of figure to landscape. I joyously achieved that in my first “mother Earth” painting. Sinking a beautiful woman into the very landscape that I admire, connecting and duplicating the lines of Earth and body, I illustrated the illusion that always seemed to occur in my landscapes without intention. With the sky on fire and the cool earth below the figure illustrates the peaceful loving connection I have with the Earth.
The next series of figures slowly began to break away from a specific environment and had a more atmospheric quality. I give the viewer more intuitive credit and have allowed for the mystery of the lines and forms to unveil themselves. It is the same line that drains snowmelt from the hills, carves out a river, and forms the horizon line that I have painted. These same lines and forms of the land can be found in my paintings where the arm meets the body, the declivity in the middle of the back that follows to the backside, and the “saddle” where the lower back meets the buttock. The body of work is a celebration of human form, landscape, and atmosphere.