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Boise, Idaho, United States

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Art is my first language. I remember observing the colors in a sunset before learning how to read. This passion for color and observation led me to become an artist with a penchant for fresh air and intrigue in the mystery of nature.

Growing up in the sheltered Pennsylvania forest with daily images of moss underfoot and leaf filtered sky left space for plenty of dreaming and solitary time in nature. This deep connection to the aesthetic of the natural environment informs my artwork. Themes of lens, space and time occur in all of my media. Exploration in surface and layer is repeated in my work. At times my art is realistic and graphic in nature, and others it becomes very tactile and uses the medium to fully explore a texture. Each day I unfold new work in my home studio.

Art comes from an ephemeral experience. A fleeting moment can inspire a passionate fluidity in line and color. It can also be gained through knowing about your environment and the history that occurred over time in ones places of inspiration.

As an artist that wants to preserve the western landscape, I recall the forms of earth I visit, reviving them with clay and paint. At times I will mix basalt from local cliffs into my ceramics and reform the earth in my kiln. I am led to define my vibrant composition by the draining of snowmelt in the hills and the way it carves the land while journeying to the river. Dark recesses occurring naturally in rock and earth are my shades, while the colors at the close of each day, which are most saturated, define my palette.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ladies and Gentleman get ready for this years soup party!! This years event will be a little different, even I don't know what to expect! Live music, a bar, soup, artwork, fantastic people! The only certain thing is the artwork and pottery are BEAUTIFUL and Patrick will be ladling soup for those of you there to support me and my art. I will have about 150 pieces of pottery, lots of jewelry, and beautiful paintings. Please join us and bring your friends and family to consider purchasing holiday gifts at my event!


4-7pm (on Sunday after Thanksgiving)

1419 W Grove street (in the Linen district)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November First Thursday

This Thursday is first Thursday and I have all my new paintings beautifully displayed at Foxtrot 1419 W. Grove Street. One painting has already sold and all of the small pieces are priced very reasonably so that I can share this beauty with EVERYONE! I will be at foxtrot late in the evening (after 7pm) and the paintings will be up throughout December or until they sell. Thanks for your interest!!