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Art is my first language. I remember observing the colors in a sunset before learning how to read. This passion for color and observation led me to become an artist with a penchant for fresh air and intrigue in the mystery of nature.

Growing up in the sheltered Pennsylvania forest with daily images of moss underfoot and leaf filtered sky left space for plenty of dreaming and solitary time in nature. This deep connection to the aesthetic of the natural environment informs my artwork. Themes of lens, space and time occur in all of my media. Exploration in surface and layer is repeated in my work. At times my art is realistic and graphic in nature, and others it becomes very tactile and uses the medium to fully explore a texture. Each day I unfold new work in my home studio.

Art comes from an ephemeral experience. A fleeting moment can inspire a passionate fluidity in line and color. It can also be gained through knowing about your environment and the history that occurred over time in ones places of inspiration.

As an artist that wants to preserve the western landscape, I recall the forms of earth I visit, reviving them with clay and paint. At times I will mix basalt from local cliffs into my ceramics and reform the earth in my kiln. I am led to define my vibrant composition by the draining of snowmelt in the hills and the way it carves the land while journeying to the river. Dark recesses occurring naturally in rock and earth are my shades, while the colors at the close of each day, which are most saturated, define my palette.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New year!! 2020 The future is NOW!

"Galaxy Heart"

Wow, its the future. When I was a kid I calculated I would be 43 with one foot in the grave by the year 2020! I also thought we would be in space suits, have jet packs, and drive hover cars. Ha! I didn't know that I would have a blithe youthful spirit and and infinite amount of love to give from my galaxy heart. I didn't know I would be more physically and mentally broken than ever and yet more powerful and be able to access from my deepest and infinite well to gain strength. Motherhood, illness, and loss are amazing teachers. The saying "That which does not break us makes us stronger" is completely true. So in peaceful gratitude I say thank you pain. Thank you Lyme disease. Thank you empty heart. Thank you illness. Thank you grief. Thank you twin pregnancy. Thank you scoliosis. Thank you stenosis. Thank you ADHD. I am not broken I am stronger.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Creators, Makers, and Doers!

Brooke Burton created a beautiful portrait of me on the Boise City Arts and History web site. Scope the "Creators, Makers, and Doers" to read about our intimate conversation. She got me to open up and share parts of myself that were buried with time and life. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

This clay canvas was recently delivered to long time (20 years!!) patrons! Good thing I have not changed my email or phone in almost 2 decades because we lost touch and they still had my original business card! Creating art for this lovely couple took me on a journey beyond my imagination. I learned the power of giving and gratitude and was reinforced with love by humanity. I learn so much when I get the chance to humbly create for someone. This winter I look forward to more time in the clay studio as I work on paintings non-stop. There is never enough time for all I wish to do so I patiently look forward to opportunities to delve into my other media. HUGS!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Spunky New tumblers!

I am hoping to keep better at updated my studio adventures!! More to come!! For now, here is a peek at my wacky cups! These are wheel thrown, carved and under glazed, fired and sanded, and then finally glaze fired! These little vessels make me happy!! Salute!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Aslo Available....

 20" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas  "Before The Storm"  

  20" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas  "Boise Foothills"

   20" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas   "Wishing Across the River"

  20" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas  "Dreaming of Blue Skies"

Acrylic on Clay  5 1/2" x 7" x 1 3/4"    "Opening"

 Acrylic on Clay  10" x 12" 1 3/4" "Earth, Sage, Sky"

 Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas  10" x 30" x 1 3/4"  "Happy Boulders"

Acrylic on Canvas  20" x 24"   "The Farm"

Acrylic on Canvas  5" x 7"   "Meditation"

 Acrylic on Canvas  20" x 24"  "Puddle Wishes"

 Acrylic on Canvas  11" x 14"  "Shoshoni Flats"

 Acrylic on Canvas  24" x 20"  "Sage Exhile"

 Acrylic on Clay  5" x 7"  "The Great Stacker"

   Acrylic on Clay  5" x 7"   "Tractor"

  Acrylic on MDF  9" x 12"      "Folded Hills"

  Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas  24" x 48"  "Mantra"

  Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas   18" x 36"  "Oregon Trail"

  Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas  48" x 60"  "Flight to Sawtooths"

  Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas  24" x 36"  "Coast is Clear"

  Acrylic on canvas  9" x 12"   "The Cliffs"

  Acrylic on canvas 9"x12"  "Idaho Lovers"

  Acrylic on MDF  9" x 12"    "Earth Redeeming Power"

  Acrylic on canvas board   14" x 18"  "Sage Friends"

  Acrylic on Canvas  11" x 14"   "Water Line"

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Showing at Initial Point Gallery for the Month of February

Please Join me at the Opening Reception for "BOLD EXPRESSIONS"
Tuesday, February 4th - 4:30-7:30 p.m.
Initial Point Gallery, Meridian City Hall, 33 E Broadway Ave. Third Floor.

Art Work by Artist Sherri K. Young Stehle and myself.

I have completely new sculptural works of layers of resin in ceramics that relate to my 2D art and all new (2013-2014) paintings that explore the Expression, "The other side of the Fence" Including themes of Idaho Landscape, Barns, Farming, Sagebrush and Idaho History.
You will have plenty of space to stand in front of many beautiful works of art.

Feel free to invite friends. Hope to see you there! 

Best Wishes,

Show will be up for the month of February!

Monday, May 20, 2013


 Idaho, Enduring Spirit

These paintings are both my proposals for a public mural at the Boise Airport. I am a finalist among 2 other very talented artists and am thrilled. I love Idaho and would be honored to be selected. Public comments close today and a decision will soon be made.